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Welcome to Kumpula Village Party!

Kumpula has invited people to join the big start-of-the summer party every second year for over a quarter of a century already. Kumpula Village Party is a family feast with a kilometer long flea-market (sellers are local people), all kinds of music on two stages, a playful running competition, street food,  kids’ own party area, and a lot more.

And all of this is organized on a totally voluntary basis. Even all the artists — from amateurs to famous professionals — all perform for free.

So please, join us 😀
In the recent parties over 20 000 people have said yes to the call and joined this happy feast. But come by bus or bike or walk—there is no parking available during the festivities. Come with a relaxed mind, some cash for the flea market and food (no ATM in the area). A water-bottle is a good idea, and proper clothing of course. Traditionally the weather has been very good.


Public transport to the party area

Buses 53, 56, 65, and 65A. Others to walking distance.
Trams 1, 6 and 8 to walking distance.

Helsinki Region Transport HSL has an excellent journey planner here. Enter Intiankatu 31 or Limingantie 76 as your destination, or Limingantie 1 if you feel like approaching the area from the southwest (Pasila) direction.